Because everyone likes a Chicken Pi

Version 1.0 of my chickenPi is simply having the camera module in a case and overlooking the garden to watch the chickens. It takes an image once a minute and displays it on a webpage.

And no, I'm sorry but I'm not allowing people to look at the camera images live. However, here are a couple of typical images.

ChickenPi 2.0 - coming soon

The aim for the second version of this is to have it mounted inside the chicken coop. The issues that I need to overcome are internet connection and power supply. Power could probably be easily solved using a solar panel and a battery. Internet connection is probably the most difficult as the house has stone walls and the signal isn't strong enough to reach the bottom of the garden.

Things to do:

  • Waterproof housing for RPi and camera
  • Solar Panel + battery power (to last all night)
  • Internet connection
  • Streaming video
  • Night Vision