I am a Senior Scientist at the John Innes Centre, Norwich. I work within the Computational and Systems Biology department as a member of the Informatics platform. I work on a variety of genomics projects, most recently working with Pisum sativum, Marchantia, Wheat and Brassica. I've also been involved in over a million pounds of infrastructure procurement (GPU, HPC compute and CEPH distributed storage), sit on the Scientific Computing Committee and Research Computing Operations Group as well as leading the development of Remote Sensing capability for plant phenotyping using drones.

Prior to this I was a Post Doctoral Scientist working in Xiaoqi Feng's group as part of the Cell & Developmental Biology group exploring the epigenetic factors involved with the RdDM pathway in Arabidopsis.

Before moving to Norwich I was the Data Manager/HPC Systems Administrator at the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS) at Aberystwyth University. I managed the research computing facilities including the High Performance Computing cluster, I built a large HA XenServer Virtualisation cluster and storage repository. During this time I continued to maintain an aging HPC cluster from my time working and studying at the Institute of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (IMAPS), now IMPACS, also at Aberystwyth University.

I have been involved with various research projects such as UAV flight imagery of IBERS farming trial plots, techniques to analyse the importance of texture in planetary features observed in satellite imagery, RNA Seq analysis of Sainfoin and Brachypodium.

In my spare time I build things, write code, hike, dive and cook. Current profiles:

Sunset Diving