It seems that 2016 is the year that just keeps on giving. Of the four "most funded" kickstarter campaigns, Pebble takes the 1st, 3rd and 4th spot. With so many failed Kickstarter campaigns it is a real shame that one of the most successful has dwindled in such a way. 

Two things happened today to really cement the end for me;

  • I received my refund for the Time 2
  • After resetting my iPhone today due to the Pebble App locking the phone up, all the health data corrupted and is now gone. Good job it's all mirrored on Apple HealthKit for them to sell to the health insurance companies.

My Pebble Experience

I never liked the look of the original Pebble so didn't really pay attention to it, but when I saw the Pebble Time Kickstarter in 2015 I had to back it and was very happy when it arrived. 


To be honest after the initial excitement of its arrival I just wore it and forgot about it. I never bothered with most of the apps (I installed the ebay and uptime robot apps which were kinda useful for me but the apps on the phone notified you anyway so kinda redundant). The enigma watch-face was great, I left the watch to notify me when something important happened, track how many steps and how much sleep I was getting .... like a weird stalker. I was quite happy with this arrangement, and I could wear it in the shower! Bonus!

The health stuff was pretty crude but when they updated the firmware in preparation for the newer watches to include better step and sleep tracking I was really impressed. This was much better than the HealthKit graphs on iOS (yeah I know, Linux guy with an iPhone, let the flame war begin). So of course I backed the Pebble Time 2 when I found out that it included a heart-rate monitor as I needed that extra graph to go alongside the other two. My heart is racing just thinking about it!

I actually didn't know about the fitbit rumours last week when I thought to myself, "I should check Kickstarter, didn't they say November shipping?" That's when I noticed a couple of people mentioning the rumours, two days later Update 17 was released.

With the refund I received today and the sudden buggy nature of the app, it's time for me to start the grieving process. My Pebble Time, like my Nokia N900 will always be "Powered 'til tomorrow".