Paypal has changed the layout of the website dashboard since most of the 'how to' guides have been written so here is my updated one.

So, for woocommerce you may wish to setup a Paypal Identity token which helps to solve some of the IPN errors you may encounter. Especially those where you have two or more email addresses linked to your paypal account and woocommerce places the order on hold due producing the following error:

IPN Response is for another account: [email protected] Your email is [email protected]

Annoyingly I've not been able to resolve this in a sensible fashion, in this example here, [email protected] is the primary address with paypal, so why does it try to send the IPN response using my login email? Anyway...

You can't see your Paypal Identity token UNTIL you've activated Payment Data Transfer. 

To find the Paypal Identity token, log into paypal.

  • Click Profile (top right)
  • Click Profile and Settings (from the drop down box)
  • Click My Selling preferences (left menu)
  • Click Update on the right of the Website preferences option
  • Turn on both Auto Return and Payment Data Transfer
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page
  • This will return you to the previous menu page
  • Click Update on the right of the Website preferences option again to take you back into the previous option
  • Scroll down and beneath the Payment Data Transfer option you should see your token

Talk about faffy!